LED is a series of five monochromatic section photographs I snapped back in June of the installation
MUKI_PIX cobblestone system,
created in 2012 by S39 Hybrid Design Manufacture.
A series of cobblestones made from concrete & LED, mounted in a wooden box.
MUKI_PIX featured in the National Salon 2017 exhibition ALL AROUND US, at the Mucscarnok-Kunsthalle, Budapest.

Abstracted images of the original exhibit, LED captures, for me, the essence of the installation… light coming from an unexpected source, in a series of mysterious symbols that feel both ancient and futuristically other-worldly, this series of five photographs become increasingly more diffused, culminating in the ghost-like impression of a circle.

FOUR CIRCLES | June 2017 | photograph | Budapest

TRAJECTORY | June 2017 | photograph | Budapest

GLOBE I | June 2017 | photograph | Budapest

GLOBE II | June 2017 | photograph | Budapest

GHOST RING | June 2017 | photograph | Budapest


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