PIXEL is a series of four photographs taken in June this year of the product design
Mobil Pixel Lamp,
created in 2010 by Istvan Kulinyi.
A lamp made of stacked triangulated cubes made from Plexiglas and neon,
featured in the National Salon 2017 exhibition ALL AROUND US, at the Mucscarnok-Kunsthalle, Budapest.

I like to take abstracted photographs of interesting objects that may inspire a particular direction in my painting and collage. Kulinyi’s design is a nod to 70’s style interiors and yet executed to feel highly contemporary. Alternating angles, neon squares mixed with diffused areas, black-outs and high gloss make for interesting texture when photographed, providing multiple options upon which to base a painting.

PIXEL I | June 2017 | photograph | Budapest


PIXEL II | June 2017 | photograph | Budapest


PIXEL III | June 2017 | photograph | Budapest


PIXEL IV | June 2017 | photograph | Budapest



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