Artist as Peregrin

I paint to express the unfathomable sense of being beyond the ordinary preoccupation of daily life. I have this idea that we are more than we appear to be, this idea is a feeling, a compulsion and an obsession for as long as I can remember – painting is my way of expressing this idea. Its in the particular choice of colour in the moment, the type of brush, the place on the paper, the speed of the stroke, how far to push, knowing when to stop, embracing accident alongside deliberate action, welcoming limitation as my teacher of innovation, allowing transformation with every new creation, my mood, the position of the stars at twelve minutes past two, the weather. Ultimately, change is all we have, and all we can hope for.

The artist’s paradox:

(i) a statement may become defunct instantaneously
(ii) language does impose and imply limitation
(iii) making work in lieu of a definitive definition of art
(iv) truth in accordance with reality and belief
(v) spontaneity relative to action and the spontaneous idea
(vi) where the artist may succeed, the objective perceiver may fail to comprehend the full implication of a work, and vice versa
(vii) the nature of change is change therefore (i)

The works of this artist are to be considered a peregrination*

*Peregrinatio: a pilgrimage into the unknown for the purpose of experiencing the quiddity of being and existence.

The Red Series

Vesna Milinkovic is a British artist, graduating in 1993. Works previously exhibited and sold, including The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.