Memory Mind

It can take a random image to trigger amazing memories, these are some of mine…May 2018 | Thassos: descending down the mountain through the olive groves, in a car full of special peopleMay 2018 | Thassos: re-entry into LimenariaMay 2018 | Thassos: liquid lunch on local chipero May 2018 | Thassos: less is moreMay 2018 | Thassos: turquoise pumpkins, like the waterMay 2018 | Thassos: Cafe KastroMay 2018 | Thassos: Kastro mountain villageMay 2018 | Thassos: Kastro ducks in a rowMay 2018 | Thassos: Kastro “big church”April 2018 | Karditsa: twin peaksApril 2018 | Karditsa: new window goes hereApril 2018 | Karditsa: new house goes hereApril 2018 | Karditsa: roof topsApril 2018 | Karditsa: roof top pantsApril 2018 | Karditsa: train stationJuly 2017 | Thassos: incoming


Read more about this in my journal.


    • Hi Micheal, yes, for sure: I’ve just finished the journal entry for this series which perhaps describes the mood here. Thank you for making this accurate observation.

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