RAY is a series of three photographs taken in June this year of the product design
Ray Wall Lamp,
created in 2015 by Janos Heder (Inarchi),
and winner of the Red Dot Award 2016.
A three-armed wall lamp made of LED bulbs and steel,
featured in the National Salon 2017 exhibition ALL AROUND US, at the Mucscarnok-Kunsthalle, Budapest.

The Y geometry is not new, it has featured in both fashion and interiors for the past few years, it is the creative use of this geometry that makes the Ray Wall Lamp so exceptional, and a stunning subject for creative photography.

Ray, Pixel & LED all have two aspects in common, all three are light-emitting, and employ the use of geometry – subjects that interest me greatly and regularly feature in my own work.

RAY I | June 2017 | photograph | Budapest

RAY II | June 2017 | photograph | Budapest

RAY III | June 2017 | photograph | Budapest


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