…recently exhibited at The Other Art Fair London October 2017

Exhibiting in the chaotic and vibrant Shoreditch, London…

What to say?
There were positives and negatives to exhibiting this time around. On the up side, I met some extraordinary people, artists and visitors alike, including the wonderful Basil Beattie RA (thank you John Clare!), musing on the philosophy of art, as you do. I had some stand up arguments, notably with a fellow slav (you know who you are, wink) on the importance of non-compromise when it comes to painting practice. Exhibiting artists had travelled as far afield as Bosnia, which is exceptionally humbling. I got the opportunity to hang out with artists I had met at previous exhibitions and chew their ear off about various subjects (lucky them).
I won’t bore you with the negatives, for they are far outweighed by the experience of exhibiting and selling my work… exhibiting is a huge learning curve, and there are always valuable lessons to take away. The greatest positive is the invaluable feedback from people of all walks of life; painting is an extreme sport, profoundly solitary and isolating, like climbing a mountain in treacherous conditions, an artist has to like their own company otherwise one would literally go nuts.
The most rewarding experience is the joy exchanged between buyer and artist when a piece comes off the wall and makes its way to a worthy home… there is no way to exaggerate the hours, weeks, months and years that go into producing work that one feels comfortable enough to exhibit, painting is an incredibly personal process… so when individuals connect with my work, its nothing short of Nirvana. So, thank you to those diamond individuals that bought my work, there are no words to express my immense gratitude.

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