Composition In Terracotta

Composition In Terracotta | collage with print | acrylic & paper on paper | A4 23 x 21 cm (9 x 8.5″) | April 2017

It was not a world Siew Tsin would have chosen to live in. But she did not want to be reborn, either, anymore than Junsheng did, anymore than all the other spirits showering gold and favours on hell officials so that they could stay where they were. Rebirth entailed a true death, the severing of one’s memory and the loss of one’s self.”

It’s a comfortable undeath … even for Siew Tsin. She didn’t choose to be married to the richest man in hell, but she’s reconciled. Until her husband brings home a new bride…

– an artificial woman crafted from terracotta.

Zen Cho, The Terracotta Bride

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