MAKE SPACE | print | acrylic on card | A4 28.5 x 21 cm (11.5 x 8.5″) | April 2017

MAKE SPACE | collage with print | acrylic & card on card | A4 28.5 x 21 cm (11.5 x 8.5″) | April 2017

This week, when inspiration was floundering, along comes a Grecian influence via Scotland, introducing me to the music of Ukrainian Estas Tonne. You couldn’t make it up. Collage and Print, inspired by the track Make Space (feat. Peter Moore) by Estas Tonne, from the album Mother of Souls.

“Make space, make space, make space,
for a state of Grace, don’t you know your busy schedule’s just a tool you use,
it keeps you asleep,
it prevents you from deepening into the arms of love…
I’ve been asleep and dreaming, and what’s worse, I’ve been having nightmares,
I missed the sunrise, I missed the day, my eyes stayed shut, I lost my way…
there is so much beauty,
so how do we let duty take up so much time, it’s a crime,
so make space, make space, make space, now…
for that face to face embrace with Grace…
time is not a tool for her, time is more like a jewel for her,
a ring upon her finger…
switch off the phone, tune in, turn on,
and wake up…”

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