The Box That Never Closes

The Box That Never Closes, Michael Craig Martin, 1967

The Box That Never Closes | Michael Craig-Martin | 1967 | minimalist sculpture | gloss wood
photograph by Vesna Milinkovic-Cotter

The late 60’s feel of this sculpture caught my eye immediately – the geometric form, creamy white gloss surface and rectilinear woodgrain outline are an aesthetic dream. Note the highly conceptual approach to this work, reminding me of Craig-Martin’s American contemporary Bruce Nauman, both born in 1941. This is a very special minimalist piece, even the title matches Nauman’s matter-of-fact style in naming his sculptures. Domestic white goods, such as fridges, influenced Craig-Martin – like a Pandora’s box, the lid of technology flung open, these new products permeated Western homes during the latter half of the 20th century.

From the series “Four identical boxes with lids removed”, on permanent display at Tate Britain. The Box That Never Closes, a minimalist sculpture by Sir Michael Craig-Martin, currently on exhibition at Swindon Museum & Art Gallery.

Sir Michael Craig-Martin was knighted this year, 2016, for services to art.



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