Victor Pasmore BRISTOL

I checked out Bristol Museum & Art Gallery while I was in town, and am really glad that I took the time. I’m a big fan of Victor Pasmore’s work, here’s a couple of beautiful pieces I found at this particular gallery…

Victor Pasmore, Relief Construction, 1961

Relief Construction 1961, Victor Pasmore

This is the only 3D Victor Pasmore work that I’ve seen in person, and loved it instantly – architectural in form, and reminiscent of Le Corbusier’s influence during the 60’s; “The history of architecture is the history of the struggle for light”. Pasmore uses perspex like an architect would glass; positioning planes such that shadows shift in changing light, and so light and shadow become part of the work. Other materials such as wood and Formica are also used here – materials associated with interior design, particularly Formica which has experienced a recent renaissance. Pasmore, then, reaches for new concepts to create something modern. What amazes me is how modern this still feels today, and that is a testament to the genius of both Victor Pasmore as an artist, and Le Corbusier as an architectural explorer, innovator and icon.

Victor Pasmore, Red Abstract No5, 1960

Red Abstract No 5 1960, Victor Pasmore

Notice how the black stripe continues into the return of the frame, below…

Victor Passmore, Red Abstract No5, detail, 1960

Detail: Red Abstract No 5 1960, Victor Pasmore

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