Actual TOAF

So this was my actual stand at The Other Art Fair Bristol 2016, after 6 hours of step aerobics…

TOAF stand mainand a 33 degree heat, it’s harder than it looks…

TOAF stand RSbut massively rewarding to have done my first hang…

TOAF stand LS

and to experience my first art fair…

although I’m still recovering from the whole experience!
I spend most of my time in relative isolation (most artists do), in order to get things done, so imagine the contrast of a very busy art fair – kind of like stepping out of a float tank in the middle of Piccadilly Circus, it was intense. I think its fair to say that I experienced more social interaction in three days of The Other Art Fair than I’ve had in six months, maybe more. It was fascinating (and invaluable) to receive instant responses to my work, and to engage in real-time dialogue with art enthusiasts, not to mention so many talented artists. Most of all, while it is hard to part with creations that I’ve come to know and love so well, it was thrilling to engage with individuals that felt strongly enough about my work to buy – and for that I am truly grateful.

This summer’s The Other Art Fair took place at The Arnolfini for the second year running, Bristol’s chic contemporary art gallery on-quay, with 80 exhibiting artists spanning three floors.

Thank you to The Other Art Fair Bristol for my selection.

A selection of exhibited works as follows…



Perfect Society

Ink no.31 (Reflection)

It Doesn’t Matter

La Petite Mort


66 Yellow

Tender Trap

Tender Trap II




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