On why this John Hoyland documentary is important

‘Six Days In September’ filmed in 1979 for BBC Arena, a somewhat bleak and obviously dated documentary, is nevertheless a unique and spectacular insight into the world of British abstract painter John Hoyland. In his own voice, Hoyland reflects on why painters paint, on why abstract painting specifically, and how truly challenging it can be. Inspiring, and a must-see for anyone interested in abstract painting.

British abstract artist John Hoyland (1934-2011) for BBC Arena, also currently viewable on BBC iPlayer.

John Hoyland Power Station Paintings showing at the Newport Street Gallery until 3 April 2016.



  1. Oh, I love these archives from the Beeb; there’s some great stuff with Heron and Hepworth that I love and which are still available. I saw this one ages ago but am going to watch it again now that you’ve prompted me. HX

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