Aymara at Tiahuanaco

Aymaran women at archeological site Tiahuanaco, Bolivia | November 2015

Kundalini Tour: FLICKR GALLERY

Here’s to many more profound experiences like my trip to South America,
may they keep coming.
Please feel free to check out my Flickr gallery of the tour,
including Machu Picchu, Peru.



      • What Glasto blackouts – have I missed something? – obviously, duh! I’ve just been looking at all the wonderful images on your gallery – fabulous shot of you with the Machu Picchu backdrop. And I liked the rat. Was it a rat?

      • About a month ago, you said there was power failure for a couple days – no internet and a scary inbox – ring a ding ding?
        I’m glad you like the shots, thanks for checking them out – yes, can’t believe I was actually there – major brain overwhelm at the time – small box, big picture. Rat – well, I know someone that will laugh a lot if they read this. Its a Viscacha:
        – a kind of chinchilla native to South America. This animal was hotly debated over lunch one day, and I was the butt of many jokes about rats. Thanks for that Hariod.

      • Of course, and I did wonder if you’d meant that, but it wasn’t a blackout, just the village having no internet access for four days. I was lost I tell you. Lost.

        So, a rodent anyway. It looked for all the world like a rabbit, but I’ve never heard of long-tailed rabbits. Though there was that time in my youth when I took this little pill . . .

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