LETTERS  June 2015 | charcoal & acrylic on newsprint | dimensions: 58 x 36 cm

Working on newsprint is liberating – the fact that its a cheap throw-away medium is only part of the appeal; yes, if you fuck up, it doesn’t matter, just turn the page and keep going – taking risks in the creative process is made easier, quicker and more exciting, and therefore the potential of creating something new increases. Meanwhile, its her particular paperiness, light and slightly noisy, a bit grubby and grey, full of textural print, and crinkles up when painted, that makes newsprint hugely satisfying to work with – there is no way to be precious about something that dates in under 24 hours (arguably much quicker given internet media) – and the paper medium ages like the headlines over time into a warm sepia, and so the work keeps on changing. I love the fact that a moment in history is captured within a work, and that news headlines have the potential to catalyse creative process by playing with current cultural references.

The Indian women pictured here are holding up toilets like trophies – I couldn’t resist the Duchamp reference.


  1. its a very visually appealing composition with lovely balance of curves and angles. love the colours you chose for this. working on ‘throw away’ types of surfaces can really help us to throw caution to the winds and let go! the newspaper background is a wonderful grey neutral – with – clever little tidbits thrown in that I liked…. the upper left in red “comment” and then in the lower central was the “Twitter” logo. sign of the times 🙂

    • Hi Debi, the natural grey surface assists colour to ping, its such a great medium – and yes, the Twitter logo makes me smile – I wonder what the ‘big’ logo will be in 10 years from now with tech moving so rapidly? And will the Twitter logo eventually look quaint? Thanks for your wonderful comments! looks great, looking forward to exploring 🙂

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