My primary interest rises from experimentation, I tend toward expressive, gestural mark-making that affords me the greatest spontaneity and freedom within abstract painting. Calligraphic overtones point to the oriental arts, while the raw aspects reflect my attraction to the anarchic nature of graffiti. Geometry features strongly in my work, often in opposition to more fluid elements.

I began exploring abstract painting in 1999 while working in design. My attraction to certain artists reflect the aspects of painting and collage that most interest me, such as the work of Robert Motherwell, Victor Pasmore, Malevich, Hans Hartung, Christopher Wool, Pierre Soulages, Antoni Tapies, Bruce Nauman, among many others.

See Artist’s Statement for further reading.


After Nyne Gallery, London, 2017-present


45 Park Lane Mayfair, London 2018, 10 May – 2 July – exhibition now on
The Other Art Fair London 2017, 5-8 October
Chester Arts Fair 2016, 18-20 November
OINK gallery, Swindon, Inaugural Exhibition, selected artists, 2016 from Sep 16
The Other Art Fair Bristol 2016, 22-24 July
Great North Art Show, Ripon Cathedral 2015, 29 Aug – 20 Sep
New School House Gallery York 2015, 17 Jan – 28 Feb
Entropies, Varenna Como Lake 2014, 26 Jul – 9 Aug
Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2012
York Against Cancer, Grays Court York 2011
Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2011, curated by Tess Jaray RA
Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2007 (selected, not hung)


‘Top 5 at The Other Art Fair London’ Art Aesthetics ( September 2017, D.S.Graham

‘4 Must-See Artists’ Saatchi Art July 2016, Great North Art Show home page July 2015, Saatchi Art home page June 2015, Saatchi Art online September 2014, June 2014, May 2014, April 2014

Martin Davies | Project: PERFECT STORM | January 2017
British artist John Newling and The New School House Gallery | Project: 21st Century Eden | 1st to 31st July 2014

Vesna Milinkovic is a British artist. Works selling in the UK, USA and Europe.

Photo by Nik Pickard


  1. elefanteasfar

    My pleasure. It is always inspiring to hear what other artists have to say about my work. Your insight seems quite spot on.
    I enjoy seeing your work pop up on my reader.
    Thank you

  2. I share your quest for “the purpose of experiencing the quiddity of being and existence”
    Interior pilgrimage is painful, solitary and it seems that never ends, but it is the only way to find that beam of light that dissipates our darkness.

    • Well, profoundly put Marcelo, I feel it in your photography. I will ponder these things at Machu Picchu next week – I will catch up with your latest shots when I get back. Thank you for taking the time to comment, I really appreciate it. V

    • Hi Elaine, I did five years on a Design degree in the UK, working in design for 20 years. I’ve painted most of my life, abstract since 1999. So while I have had a long career in design, I am self-taught with regard to painting. Thank you for asking, how about you?

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