ECLIPSE | acrylic & ink on paper | A4 21 x 28.5cm (8.5 x 11.5″) | March 2017

A short while ago Spotify featured Alan Watts ‘Imitation Virtues’ in their Discover Weekly playlist – it was weird yet wonderful to suddenly have Watts wise words unexpectedly speaking through my Mac from beyond, challenging mass assumptions with quotes from Confucius among other philosophies – I’ve been a big fan of his lectures for many years. I guess it must have gone down pretty well because this week Spotify are featuring Burgs by Mt.Wolf, a rare meditation on the heart that truly does connect to the heart, and coincidentally also discussing the nature of virtue in the context of mindfulness. I probably should write about my recent painting ECLIPSE – then again I’ve painted it, and that ought to be enough, so enjoy Burgs…

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