2a 2854Ceramic abstract sculpture Karocuro – a five week project and a first for me. I borrowed inspiration from British artist Anthony Caro, in particular his sculptures in hand-made Japanese paper, by rolling out thin layers of clay, folding and layering. The round detail with a hole at the rear of the sculpture is inspired by the work of Barbara Hepworth. I’m not big on planning or sketching in advance, preferring to create on the go, which is essential in order to maintain interest in what I’m doing. Textures were created using various, including fragments of old wall paper and sack cloth, while torn edges mingle with clean lines. I like the natural warm white matt of the fired clay, which contrasts well with dripped white and poured-on black glaze.

Karocuro is a play on words – Caro, Keramos (Greek: Pottery), Chiaroscuro.

Progress shots…

Thanks to ceramicist Emily Stubbs for wise and gentle guidance.

5a 2791

Karocuro | clay & glaze | w: 25cm x 19cm x h: 11cm (10 x 7.5 x 4.5″) | March 2016

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