Abstract Collage in Yellow II

Abstract Collage in Yellow II s2Abstract Collage in Yellow II

October 2015 | collage: recycled tissue paper, recycled paper, acrylic ink, plain card, textured card | 600dpi | 30 x 21cm (12 x 8″)

Abstract composition in citrine yellow,
with crumpled card, ink-edged recycled tissue paper,
recycled stripe paper, mounted on black woodgrain card.

Abstract Collage in Yellow II crop

I was reading Debi Riley’s artblog this morning, specifically Is Colour Distracting?
which really made me smile, knowing I was going to post this one today.
Colour or no colour?
I’m currently having a monochrome moment
– then the need for colour kicks in…
lo a brights binge on Citrine Yellow.
Of course I didn’t cognise any of this until I read Deb’s article
– I think you’re right Deb, its gotta be a mood thing.
Made me stop and think.



  1. The yellow absolutely makes this piece for me. It accentuates the beauty of the black lines you struck on paper and makes the whole thing come together so beautifully. What a great contemporary piece. Simple yet stunning! Good work.

    • Thank you so much Eli, what a great compliment! As you can see, I’ve been exploring your work – omg – I’m totally in love with your style. And fascinating to see how your work has expanded since 2014. I’m so looking forward to seeing more of your work, its so exciting.

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