Here’s Looking At You God II

Here's Looking At You God II

Here’s Looking At You God II  August 2015 | acrylic ink on paper | dimensions: 40 x 30.5 cm (16 x 12″)

A new series Here’s Looking At You God, following on from the HUMAN GOD series. Apparently, a generous proportion of 7 billion humans (and counting) believe in God – from an alien perspective, we would appear to belong to one big cult. A broad generalisation, I appreciate, but what defines one church from another? Or any spiritual organisation from another? “God” is the ultimate abstract concept that most human beings buy into. Why?

We inherit everything that we think we know, but what do we really know, apart from experiencing daily functional reality? To know means to have direct experience, otherwise we cannot truly know and we take information on trust. So in this context therefore, what is God experience? Or have we inherited our ancestors vision of God – a human God?


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