Quantum Event

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Quantum Event Gallery

Quantum Event X DQuantum Event X.D, 2014. Digitally remastered.

Dimensions: 25 x 35 cm. Dynamic geometry: a colour light matrix. The last in the Quantum Event series.

A geometric free-form association painting, exploring the concept of units of consciousness and the underlying dynamic of matter: does consciousness influence and create form?

Within the Quantum Event series of paintings, I explore the coming together, or falling away, of units of consciousness; a precursor to the formation and/or disintegration of matter, according to our thoughts and emotional states.

These are a series of abstract paintings with both lyrical and gestural content, in conjunction with what I call Implied Geometry, i.e. the suggestion of multiple connections between points or coordinates, therefore highlighting the potential variations in form available to a particular dynamic of consciousness and energy in the given moment.

How does a thought or an idea form itself, and from what? Then how does this idea coalesce into matter? In other words, if we were able to take a picture of an idea, thought and/or emotion in it’s initial stages of formation, what would this look like?

In these paintings, we find a sense of entanglement, and perpetual movement or change. The various angles hint at the idea of going beyond three dimensions into multiple dimensions of reality; linear trajectories appear and disappear at will, while geometries allude to impossible shapes as they move through one another.

These units of consciousness take on attributes of our thought or emotion, they move in rhythm with the energy that propels them into action, particles of matter literally dance into being.

Red ink captures the ethereal quality of feeling and emotion, while the solidity of black Indian ink lends itself to the more precise geometric forms, encapsulating the idea of matter manifesting from emotion.

The digitally remastered negatives reveal the colour light matrix, this dynamic geometry: the conscious-matter dynamo, or the consciousness dynamo.

An exploration into the nature of reality, this essay has intuitively formed in parts, alongside the evolution of each painting in the Quantum Event series.

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