Postcards From The TOAF Edge

The TOAF postcard is a great idea – buy a blank postcard and give it to your favourite artist/s to get creative; original art for a fiver… why not? Affordable art doesn’t get any better than this, I personally bought five, (not my own I hasten to add). The postcards are limited edition, and in the case of The Other Art Fair Bristol, numbered out of 200. I was very excited to receive four postcards, and chose to complete them in my studio, post art fair (no pun intended). I pondered my approach for a while, finally deciding to do a series of four abstract compositions, using a combination of Indian ink and Prussian Blue ink. I mixed the cards up before painting, thereby excluding my conscious knowledge of who’s postcard I was actually working on, so that the outcome would rest with the gods – the idea being to allow intuition to guide the individual composition. The originals were destined for diverse locations – Cirencester, London, Bristol, Berlin, and are now in the hands of the art buyers… thank you to the four, I think you know what for.

TOAF postcards 2016, Milinkovic Cotter

Postcards From The Edge | 2016 | Indian ink, Prussian Blue ink, watercolour paper | dimensions: 15 x 10 cm







  1. Manila di Silvestro

    I love, love, love my postcard of art, thank you so much for creating it.
    It was an enormous pleasure meeting you, see you again at the next TOAF….

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