PAPERKUT  October 2015 | digital image: collage: fingerprint ink on A4 layout paper | 600dpi | 30 x 21cm (12 x 8″)


– the sense of self, providing sameness and continuity in personality over time.

This is one of the dictionary definitions of identity. Our fingerprints are unlikely to change through our lifetime, but from the perspective of personality, I’m not the person I was twenty years ago, or last week for that matter. The idea of a fixed identity presupposes limitation within our internal world, which seems ridiculous – we know that everything is in constant flux – a flux that we create, participate in and adapt to continually, with every breath. Therefore the idea of identity beyond physical attributes seems somewhat mute. If X is existence, non-matter, unquantifiable by current science, then X allows the event of life to pass through itself, meanwhile X reflects aspects of the event, and must be changed by the event. When change is no longer optimal, X starts over, with renewed circumstance presenting opportunity for fresh perspective and creativity. Repeat into infinity.  

Who am I?

I am the infinite X.

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