X-DEUM  August 2015 | mixed media | dimensions: 38 x 47 cm

I bought one of those ink stamps from Camden Passage market in Islington (at least 6 years ago) – this is the first time I’ve actually used it, (celtic rose, top). The Sharpie flowers down the right hand side are my original practise for the flowers that came to be on my recent painting Lhiom, and actually inspired the painting. I found myself working on this collage until quite late one night last week, pasting like a woman possessed because the light had gone, and if I leave anything loose, our 1-year-old rebel-minx kitten, Tommi, would jump on it, guaranteed. The broad brush work went on earlier today.

Blue Peter has a lot to answer for – I could say more on this subject, but I won’t.

Media: corrugated card, brown paper, The Daily Telegraph, Kraft-core, acrylic, ink, Sharpie twin-tip, hand-made paper, masking tape, tissue, woodgrain card.


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