HOOK.WATER.STAR.  July 2015 | collage mixed media | dimensions: 46 x 42 cm

Mixed media: Nepalese hand-made paper from lokta bark fibre on cartridge paper, with Kraft-core, black woodgrain card, vintage botanical print & acrylic paint.

A few years ago I bought a print collection of botanical drawings, separated pages from an out-of-print book (artist unknown). This is the first time I’ve used one of the vintage prints in a work – the botanical is a Callitriche Hamulata, or Hooked Water Starwort – page number 1273.

Commissary July 2015 | collage mixed media: If you ever fancy eating the best fried eggs from inside a greenhouse (I appreciate that sounds random), the Commissary is the place, housed on the rooftop of The Line Hotel, Korea Town Los Angeles – they give away packets of seeds – my pack of corn seeds has become part of this collage. The seeds are still in the pack – in case you were wondering.

Carriage Paid  August 2015 | collage mixed media: the vintage garment label is from McIntosh – difficult to know exactly how old it is, could be from the 70’s, possibly the 60’s. My husbands father used to order his rain macs from The Telegraph. This label recently fell out from between some old photos. The label has “Keith Jay – Bognor Regis” written in pencil – Keith Jay is a mystery – I guess the man who paid the carriage.

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